Our range of ATUVSAFE products offers you essential equipment to safely carry out decontamination of all types of places: factories, hospitals, nursing homes, workstations, openspace, public transport vehicles, common rooms and changing rooms.

ATUVSAFE1: solution for one area - fixed installation

ATUVSAFE2: solution for 4 simultaneous zones - fixed installation

ATUVSAFE2M: solution for 4 simultaneous zones - mobile installation

Decontamination is completely safe, and is carried out using the ATUVSAFE.

ATUVSAFE kit includ:

  • a control module
  • of a UV-C type lamp


The control module is fixed outside the room to decontaminate. It broadcasts information messages before and after the decontamination cycles.
It is equipped with a control screen and a UV-C projector. The control screen allows you to select the decontamination and display the timer. The projector is UV-C (Ultra-Violet Anti VIRUS) type, it diffuses a light with a wavelength of 253.7 NM, which breaks the RNA and DNA structures of all types of bacteria, germs, mites and microorganisms, putting an end to all reproductive capacity and thus removing any chance of survival.

Assests of an Archean UV-C solution:

  • Without chemicals,
  • Without storage or handling of toxic products,
  • Even destroys chlorine resistant pathogens,
  • Reduced operating costs,
  • Fastest decontamination method,
  • Without operator training,
  • Intuitive use,
  • Flexible,
  • 100% guaranteed disinfection process.