Sound Projector

Code article : DEPRxx

Our sound projectors are adaptable to every type of environment. We suggest a high-quality range of sound projectors for outdoor or indoor use, from 6W to 30W.

DEPR614TI-W6W 100V 140x150cm white alu
DEPR617TI-W6W 100V 175x180cm white alu
DEPR621TI-W6W 100V 219x250cm white alu
DEPR2614T-W6W 100V bidirectionnal IP55 146x100cm white alu
DEPR21214T-W12W 100V bidirectionnal IP55 146x186cm white alu
DEPR2013T-W20W 100V 138x205 cm white
DEPR2013TM-W20W 100V 138x200 cm white alu