Voice Alarm Microphones Controller

Code article : BVRD8, BVRD16, BVRD24, BVRD32, BVRD40, BVRD48, BVRD56, BVRD64

The BVRD microphone controller has been designed specifically for the Voice Alarm market and will interface with any of our IP products & the BV VIGIL routers.

Shape to the standards EN54-16, BS5839 part 8 and EN 60849, they offer to you a system in compliance with your requirements regarding fire safety.

Nominal output level-10 dBM (2.5)
Max output level limiter operating+18dBM
Output impedance8Ohm
Bandwidth100 Hz - 15 kHz
Serial portRS485 9600 BBR (défaut)
Mic output4 Leds indicating speech level
System fault/acceptSystem fault LED with ‘fault accept/lamp test’ button