8IN / 8 OUT EN54-16 Digital Matrix

Code article : BVRD2M

BVRD2M is a 8 x 8 EN54-16 safety digital matrix with DSP technology. It delivers a maximum of 68 inputs, 87 outputs, and 30 messages by adding5 slave matrices (BVRD2S/LT) directly by internal data link.

To create more zones, it's only necessary to add one or some matrix (up to 126) separated or linked with each other in loop by a cooper network, optical fibre or by an IP network (see additionnal modules).

3 bands parametric aqualization with limiter and levels of bass and treble, 9 bells as one chooses on each input and 10 bands parametric equalization and maximum delay of 1 second on each output, with the configuration software.

Size 1U rackable 19".

Inputs8, symétriques
Outputs7, symétriques + 1 retour d'écoute
Power SupplyBVSMP/LT/M/MLT