VIGIL3 Battery Charger

Code article : BVMBC

Baldwin Boxall Battery Charger for VIGIL3 Voice Alarm

Forming part of the VIGIL3 voice alarm system, the battery charger module is for fitting in systems that use the VIGIL3 transformerless amplifiers. One single battery charger module is sufficient for up to five of the amplifiers. For instance, one BVMBC (battery charger) can serve five  BV300D (dual 300W amplifiers) – or any combination of VIGIL3 amplifier modules.


In addition to ensuring that the system’s backup batteries remain at their optimum charge level, the unit monitors the power supplies in each of the amplifiers. An added benefit is the auxiliary DC output feature which can be used for powering other equipment.

Our VIGIL3 range, as with all of our products, has been designed with absolute longevity in mind.