VIGIL2 amplifiers

Code article : BV050Q ; BV125D ; BV225

EN54-16 VIGIL2 Amplifiers

Our Vigil2 Class D power amplifiers are proven and robust. They are LPCB certified to BSEN54. The amplifiers form part of our Vigil2 voice alarm system and their modular style provides great flexibility when designing voice alarm systems.



  • Designed for quick and simple connection and configuration.
  • Class D rated output power is attainable using a 22V battery supply.
  • Sleep mode - automatically reducing the standby requirements to 50mA per amplifier when operating on batteries.
  • Audio inputs are presented on separate RJ45 connectors; each connector provides a balanced audio input and ground.
  • Protected against overload conditions (ie short circuits) by means of a voltage controlled attenuator (VCA); ensuring continual safe operation without creating unnecessary distortion.
  • Over temperature protection is also provided. Should the amplifier temperature exceed 90°C the VCA attenuates the input signal to a safe level and illuminates a warning LED. If the system is under surveillance (a requirement of BS5839-8:2008) a fault condition will be indicated due to the gain reduction.
  • 24V DC inputs are presented on two-way crimp connected sockets. BVMF MAINFRAME: Three amplifier modules (or two amplifiers and one BVSMP power supply) may be mounted in one BVMF mainframe.