IP module

Audio matrices are mdoules manufactured in our workshop in Montauban allowing sound to be transported over the IP network, that is to say, converting analog audio signals into digital data and digital data into analogue audio signals. 

The control and programming of these boxes are carried out remotely via a web interface.

The IP solution allows these boxes to be integrated into any existing sound system installation, of any brand. This IP sound solution can also be implemented in new buildings when the choice to use Ethernet and non-dedicated cables is made.

All of our IP matrices are manufactured in our workshop in Montauban, which also allows us to carry out customizations for our customers.

This is the case with the ATVOIP422-IO matrix developed for a specific use. The ATVoIP422-IO is an ATVoIP422 IP module in its basic version to which an "IO" expansion card has been added allowing   to increase the number I / O, to add a warning light power supply, modulation image LEDs on the 0dB audio outputs and input and output LEDs.


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In terms of durability, our sound equipment guarantees backward compatibility of its product ranges. A new range will always be able to physically and functionally replace the previous one. Do not hesitate to contact us.