Cabinet Speaker

Code article : DE54ENxx

We suggest a wide range of cabinet speakers in order to meet your needs in term of sound system for a lot of places type.

From 6 to 200W, wall-mounted or embedded, with differents designs and colors and all certified EN54-24.

DE54EN615T-W6/3W 100V white
DE54EN617T-W6/3/1.5W 100V white
DE54EN618T-W6/3/1.5W 100V white
DE54EN619T-W6/3/1.5W 100V white
DE54EN623T-W6/3/1.5W 100V white
DE54EN623TAB-W6/3/1.5W 100V circuit A/B white
DE54EN623TD-W6/3/1.5W 100V circuit double white
DE54END623T-W6/3/1.5W 100V Design white
DE54EN627T-W6/3/1.5W 100V à encastrer white
DE54EN688T-B6/3/1.5W 100V black
DE54EN2016T-W20/10/5/2.5W 100V white
DE54EN2016T-B20/10/5/2.5W 100V black
DE54EN3018T-W20/15/7.5/3.75W 100V white
DE54EN3018T-B20/15/7.5/3.75W 100V black
DE54EN20029T-W200/100/50W 100V white
DE54EN20029T-B200/100/50W 100V black
DE54EN30012T-B200/150/100W 100V black