UV-C Decontamination

Face the current health crisis, face COVID-19.


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In the historical context that we are going through, with our expertise in broadcasting intelligible audio messages and securing public areas, we could not remain inactive. For this purpose, we would like to offer you a range of products able to respond to this health crisis. Our specialty is securing zones for the health of operators or travelers by supplying audible message at all time.

Archean is launching its UVSAFE range of decontamination by UV-C.

For many years, UV-C (so-called germicidal) lamps have been used in air or water decontamination systems with great efficiency in hospitals, laboratories, specific sites, etc.

What risks for operators?

The use of UV-C lamps requires certain precautions and yet must be usable by the greatest number of people as this solution offers numerous assets. With a clear audio message, no need to perform complex training for your operators, they follow the instructions given by the equipment. Our certified control systems broadcast the instructions for the use and security of the area during the cleaning process. They also control the good progress with the possibility of log of decontamination.

The standard windows allow UV-A to pass but below 330nm (UV-B and UV-C) almost 100% are filtered. So behind a glass surface, there is no danger for the operator.