2 Modules Power Supply Unit

Code article : BVSMPM/LT

The BVSMPLT and BVSMPMLT are single channel power supply modules manufactured from 2009 and 2012 respectively.

We can confirm that BVSMPLT and BVSMPMLT will be made obsolete in October 2019 and this is a “Last Time Buy” notification that these products will not be available for purchase after this date.

Suggested alternative 
The BVSMP and BVSMPM can be used to enable backwards compatibility for existing installations.

Warranty & support information 
We will continue to service and support BVSMPLT and BVSMPMLT products during the remaining warranty period and for the lifetime of the system, subject to component obsolescence.
If you require any further information please feel free to contact us +33 (0)563935000 or contact@archean.tech