Horn Speaker

Code article : DECHxx

The horn speaker is an electrodynamic type loudspeaker. It is ideal for the reproduction of the high frequencies of low energy.

The horn leads has an effect of directivity of the sound distribution which depends on the form and on the length.

Planned for the outdoor uses, several horn speakers can be installed on a mast to increase the power and the diffusion coverage.

Horn speakers available in the range :

DECH10T-G10/5/2.5W 100V grey
DECH15T-G15/7.5/3.75W 100V grey
DECH30T-G30/20/10/5W 100V grey
DECH50T-G50/30/15W 100V grey
DECH100T-G100/50/25/12.5W 100V grey
DECH15T-W15/7.5/3.75W 100V white
DECH10050T-W100/50W 100V white
DECH100T-O-W100/50/W 100V octagonale