Ceiling Speaker

Code article : DEPLxx

We suggest in our range several ceilling speakers with various power, size, material and color. Made in Europe, they have bandwidth and a hight quality sound pressure.

High-performance for spreading voice as for music, these loudspeakers can be installed in every places type : Offices, corridors, halls, waiting rooms, toilets...

Contact us for available options on request according to the models : color choice, chrome-plates version, damp zone, ceramic clamp, thermal fuse.

DEPL610T-W6W 100V 180X80cm white
DEPL610T-B6W 100V 180X80cm black
DEPL610T-S6W 100V 180X80cm silver
DEPL610T-G6W 100V 180X80cm gold
DEPL611T-W6W 100V 180X80cm white
DEPL620T-W6W 100V 220x98cm white
DEPL613T-W6W 100V 135x80cm white
DEPL616T-W6W 100V 180x80cm white
DEPL622T-W6W 100V 220x98cm white
DEPL624T-W6W 100V 265x105cm white
DEPL617T-W6W 100V 170x75cm white
DEPL617TC-W6W 100V 170x170x75cm white
DEPL618T-W6W 100V 175x55cm white
DEPL619T-W6W 100V 188x70cm white
DEPL625T-W6W 100V 268x95cm white
DEPL625TM-W6W 100V 268x100cm white
DEPL1016-W10W 100V 180x98cm white
DEPL1022T-W10W 100V 220x100cm white
DEPL1024T-W10W 100V 265x105cm white
DEPL1020T-W10W 100V 220x100cm white
DEPL3020T-W30W 100V 220x105cm white
DEPL3016T-W30W 100V 203x170cm white
DEPL6020T-W60W 100V 250x194cm white
DEPL3050T-W30W 100V 500x500x300cm black
DEPL10050T-W100W 100V 500x500x300cm black