Cabinet Speaker

Code article : DEENxx

We suggest more than 30 loudspeaker models in order to meet your needs for your public address system.

From 6 to 300W, 100V or 8Ohms, wall-mounted or embedded, with differents designs and colors. Feel free to contact us, we will give you our help to choose the models that meet the best your needs.

DEEN609T-W/-B6W 100V white or black
DEEN617T-W6W 100V white
DEEN618T-W6W 100V white
DEEN622T-W6W 100V white
DEEN619T-W6W 100V white damp room
DEEN621T-W6W 100V white design
DEEN623T-W6W 100V white
DEEND623T-W6W 100V white design
DEEN625T-W6W 100V white
DEEN627T-W6W 100V white flush mounting
DEEN655T-W6W 100V black flush mounting
DEEN670T-W6W 100V black flush mounting
DEEN680T-W6W 100V black flush mounting
DEEN1017T-W10W 100V white
DEEN1018T-W10W 100V white
DEEN1022T-W10W 100V white
DEEN1024T-W10W 100V white design
DEEN1023T-W10W 100V white
DEEND1023T-W10W 100V white design
DEEND21023T-W2 voies 10W 100V white design
DEEN1025T-W10W 100V white
DEEN1027T-W10W 100V white flush mounting
DEEN2016T-W/-B20W 100V white or black
DEEN3018T-W/-B30W 100V white or black
DEEN3027T-W30W 100V white
DEEN4033T-W40W 100V white
DEEN6029T-W/-B60W 100V white or black
DEEN6040T-W60W 100V white
DEEN2008-B200W 8Ohms option 100V black
DEEN25010-B250W 8Ohms option 100V black
DEEN30012-B300W 8Ohms option 100V black
DEEN50015-B500W 8Ohms option 100V black
DEEN20010-B200W 8Ohms option 100V black
DEEN20012-B300W 8Ohms option 100V black
DEEN20015-B300W 8Ohms option 100V black
DEEN20029T-W/-B200W 100V white or black