Platform basic unit

Code article : GV-CORE-RM

The Unit serves as the integration platform for external components such as the GV-I/O modules. It connects directly to the Distributed Communication Network (GV-DCN). All components are chosen to ensure the highest reliability reducing maintenance to a minimum.

It contains direct inputs and outputs for its built-in Audio Distribution Board. This means that external audio devices such as CD-Players, PA system etc. can be interface directly to the GV-CORE and from here distributed throughout the network.

Its uniform construction designed for 19” rack mounting makes installation along with other products in the products family a straight forward procedure.

HDMI outputs2
VGA outputs1
USB ports10
PABX Expansion Slots1
Operating temperature-10°C à 60°C
Dimensions19'' / 2U / 47 (P) mm
Weight8.2 kg
Max power consumption100W