4x60W Amplifier

Code article : BV050Q

BV050Q is an amplifier class D 4 x 65W (THD @ 1%) in compliance with the standard EN54-16. Power supply by BVSMP or BVPM modules.

Size 2U rackable 1/3 de 19", Assembly on BVMF mounting frame.

Typical output power less than 1% THD65 W @ 152,8 Ω
Output regulation> 1,4 dB
Output voltages obtainable50 & 100 V
Frequency response (-3dB)35 Hz - 20 kHz
Input sensitivity and impedance500 mV @ 40 KΩ balanced
Input common mode rejection ratio(50 Hz - 20 k Hz) > 40 dB : 60 dB
Output noise reference to rated output> 80 dB
Supply voltage22 - 35 V DC
Sleep mode 26V (battery supply)50 mA
Quiescent 30V (mains supply)160 mA
Rated output power10 A
Thermal / Load protectionOutput stage > 90°C / Excessive output stage current
ActionReduces input to safe level using low distortion VCA